Vice President Venkaiah Naidu inaugurates two arts and science colleges in Lakshadweep


Vice-president Mr. Venkaiah Naidu

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Vice President Mr. Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday inaugurated two arts and science colleges in Kadmat and Androth Islands during his first state visit to Lakshadweep Union Territory. The vice president, who is on a two-day tour of the islands, was received by UT administrator Praful Patel and given a guard of honor upon his arrival on Friday.

Expressing his joy at his first official visit to the islands as Vice President of India, Naidu said that Lakshadweep boasts of a “unique confluence of ancient cultural heritage and pristine natural beauty” and that he was humbled by the hospitality of the people. Praising the beauty of Lakshadweep, he called on people to try to visit the islands at least once in their life.

Opening the two colleges, Naidu said the courses offered will help island students, especially female students, overcome the region’s geographic constraints and pursue quality higher education with employment potential. The vice-president, who is also the chancellor of the University of Pondicherry to which the colleges are affiliated, stressed the importance of skills development among students.

He advised the administration to launch more short courses in skills development in order to increase the employability of the young people of the islands. Observing the immense ecotourism and fisheries potential of Lakshadweep, Naidu called on the young people of the islands to use the courses offered in aquaculture, tourism and hospitality and to actively seek excellence in those sectors where they have a natural advantage.

He said he was convinced that the new colleges “will not only serve the aspirations of the youth of the islands, but will have a powerful multiplier effect and will redefine the socio-economic landscape of the region”. The Vice President stressed that the development of the Lakshadweep Islands is an integral part of the nation’s development.

Naidu praised the determination of the people and administration of Lakshadweep to enforce the comprehensive ban on single-use plastic on the islands. He also appreciated that the islands are moving towards a 100% green energy transition within two years. He called for a popular movement to maintain the island’s high standards of cleanliness under the “Swachh Lakshadweep” program.

Emphasizing the importance of “application” in education, Naidu called on young people to also seek innovative solutions to the islands’ longstanding problems, such as the scarcity of clean water. He said that “the real power of education is unleashed when knowledge, skills and values ​​are applied to bring about transformation in people’s lives.”

Referring to tourism and fishing as Lakshadweep’s great strengths, Naidu said the islands should aspire to become the model for the country in ecotourism and sustainable fishing, without risking its fragile and sensitive biodiversity. He noted various initiatives such as underwater fiber optic connectivity, airport expansion, strengthening of infrastructure and the project to introduce water villas on some islands as laudable efforts.

Regarding livelihoods, Naidu highlighted an imminent need to upgrade people’s skills and update them with global standards. He called for ensuring the highest quality production, with better added value and greater visibility to create a brand for Lakshadweep products.

The Vice President appreciated the efforts in large-scale seaweed cultivation, measures to modernize the fishing industry and measures to increase production of organic coconut oil and coconut fiber. , among others.

Naidu advised young people to engage in physical activities such as yoga and sports for a fit body and healthy mind. It also distributed equipment such as coconut tree climbing devices and other tools to beneficiaries. Administrator Patel, Lok Sabha MP Mohammed Faizal, Gurmeet Singh, the Vice-Chancellor of Pondicherry University, senior officials, students, teachers and others were present at the event.

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